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CES 2019 shows glimpse future under 5G Updated: 2019-01-11 18:02:36 KST

There's so much to come from 5G. This year and the years to come. 5G will shape and it will change everything.

Twenty times faster than 4G LTE, a 5G network can transmit 20 gigabytes of data a second.
It's more than just downloading a feature-length movie in a single second.
With nearly no lags, it enables everything from the Internet of Things, smart cars to telemedicine where health care professionals can diagnose and treat patients from a distance.
SK Telecom, one of South Korea's mobile carriers that launched 5G services for enterprise users last December, is showcasing how 5G can change the entertainment sector alone.

"Thanks to 5G's rapid-fire connection speeds, wearing a VR headset, users can sing karaoke or dance in the same virtual space, while in actual reality, they can be on the opposite sides of the world."

Media companies like the New York Times also say 5G could be used for new innovative story-telling techniques through interactive and immersive 3D images and video features.
Automakers, equipment companies and material providers are also highlighting how their chips can enable autonomous cars with high frequency signals.

"5G enables autonomous driving so it has connectivity. This is where 5G plays an important roleOur technology helps make things smaller, smaller structures, integrate higher resolution system in displays to enable faster, switching time in semiconductors.

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show, mobile carriers, hardware and software companies are showing us all a glimpse of what a 5G connected lifestyle might look like and how they have acclerated their pace of innovation to make it happen soon.
Kim Hyesung, Arirang News, Las Vegas.
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