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[ISSUE TALK] Trump wants to meet with Kim again because he has 'not lived up to commitments' Updated: 2018-12-05 12:22:54 KST

Joining us now, we have with us Professor Kim Hyun-wook from the Korea National Diplomatic Academy.

1 - John Bolton, Trump's national security advisor, has said that Trump wants to go ahead with a second summit with Kim Jong-un BECAUSE Kim has not lived up to his side of the commitments made previously, presumably meaning steps towards denuclearization. Does this make sense? Some would argue a second summit is a gift for Kim for doing nothing

1a - Bolton's comments means that the U.S. acknowledges North Korea has done little towards denuclearization. But does this now allow North Korea NOT to take steps towards denuclearization till the next summit?

2 - It seemed like there were possible progress on North Korea-U.S. talks when reports came out over the last couple of days that Andrew Kim, the CIA Korea Mission chief, was in South Korea and had met with North Korean official Kim Yong-chol at Panmunjeom. But today, in a parliamentary briefing with lawmakers, the South Korean spy chief has said that the meeting did not happen. What can we conclude from these these reports?

3 - Even with Kim Jong-un not making steps towards denuclearization Trump seems to be willing to meet Kim again. How likely do you think it will happen now? And what would be on the agenda?

4 - There have been differing noises coming out from different parties on the issue of the joint South Korea-U.S. military exercises for next year. Previously Jim Mattis said they would be scaled down, while South Korea said they are still reviewing. The Pentagon has now come out and said no final decision has yet been made. What do you think they are considering while trying to make these decisions?

5 - There is no word yet on whether Kim Jong-un will come visit Seoul before the end of the year. Do you think it will happen?

6 - South Korea's defense ministry annouced it was carrying out a Air Force combat drill this week. They said it was necessary for the nation's defense readiness in light of joint drills with the U.S. that were suspended. North Korea has not taken kindly to this, with a commentary in its state media outlet, warning that the decision was a dangerous move. How serious is this warning?

7 - South Korean researchers who have been carrying out inspections of North Korea's western rail line return to the South on Wednesday. How important is this excursion and what is on the line?
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