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Scientists develop high-tech microscope with 3D holograph feature Updated: 2018-11-04 09:15:49 KST

South Korean researchers at KAIST have recently come up with the world's first microscope equipped with 3D holograph technology.
The team says their device would make biological experiments, particularly involving animal cells and protein, easier to conductas it provides real time visual feedback of living cells from all angles.

The microscope has X-ray technology that laser scansand develops three-dimensional images on the computer connected to it.
It enables researchers to understand the structure and chemistry of living cells more thoroughly and vividly.

"Once the laser scans the structures of living cells, the microscope traces the outlines and re-establishes the information in 3D format in real time. That enables us to capture every movement of the cells."

The team also adds the microscope can spot and distinguish all of the living cells inside our organs,which even the most advanced MRIs and CT scans are incapable of doing.
The team believes that, once their product is fully commercialized,it will not only cut down time and cost of research, but also reduce the number of inevitable technological errors that occur using existing technologies.

Knowing that the microscope could bring a positive impact in the medical world, the team's says its next project involves collecting human cell data using the microscope in order to find cures to all deadly diseases.
Cho Sung-min, Arirang News.
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