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Skype interview with Dr. John Nilsson-Wright of the University of Cambridge Updated: 2018-09-18 18:03:26 KST

Government officials and security experts around the world are also closely watching the summit, which is expected to impact discussions between North Korea and the U.S.
We turn to Dr. John Nilsson-Wright, a lecturer at the University of Cambridge and senior research fellow for Northeast Asia at Chatham House, for his take on Day One.

The two Korean leaders met today in the North Korean capital, amongst a massive crowd of cheering citizens before starting their first round of discussions.
What do you largely expect to see from this historic Pyeongyang summit this week?

Any agreement or declaration made between the two Korean leaders will undoubtedly be heavily scrutinized down to the last detail.
What do you hope to see?
How specific should the agreements be to win the international community's support and trust?

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said he will aim to mediate and accelerate dialogue between Washington and Pyeongyang. What would you say are the most crucial issues to tackle during this summit in order for denuclearization talks to advance to the next level?

Some say President Moon will try to get Kim Jong-un to agree on submitting a list of nuclear weapons, in return for the U.S. declaring a formal end of war between the two Koreas.
Do you think the North Korean leader can be persuaded?

Dr. John Nilsson-Wright of the University of Cambridge Thank you for your insight.
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