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Nationwide rain clears up by morning Updated: 2018-09-14 18:55:48 KST

} Now we turn to Michelle Park at the weather center for the latest updates. Michelle, it was cloudy all day in Seoul, is it going to rain any time soon?

Yes, Daniel, but Seoul will only get light showers, at around nine o'clock this evening and it should clear up by the morning. The southeastern coast will get the heaviest amount while it will mostly be between 5 and 20 mm.

But the overcast sky will stay even after the rain. And some may even receive more rain afterward along with Tokyo.

Tomorrow's morning low begins at 21 degrees Celsius in Seoul. Gyeongju and Chuncheon start up the day with readings plunging into the teens.

The daytime highs will remain similar to today, mostly lingering between 26 and 28 degrees.

As the rain makes way for a cold air front, the mercury is expected to drop further in the upcoming days.

I'll leave you with the weather conditions around the world.
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