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[ISSUE TALK] Two Korea's hold final discussions ahead of third Moon-Kim summit Updated: 2018-09-14 12:24:23 KST

Looking forward to that summit, we have with us Professor Song Se-ryun from Kyung Hee University. Professor it's good to have you with us.

Great to be here.

1 - As we just heard in that report there's a lot of expectation from these talks, but working level talks to sort out the details only took place today, just four days ahead of the event. Some concern has been expressed over the short preparation time. Do you have any concerns for next week?

2 - What details do you think they will have discussed in the working level talks today?

3 - Next week's inter-Korean summit will only be the third time such a summit has been held in Pyeongyang, the North Korean capital. The last took place in 2007, and there was one in 2000 before that. Do you think proceedings will be similar or do you expect big differences?

4 - This meeting is another opportunity to gauge the intentions of Kim Jong-un, whether he really is open to denuclearization and a new future for North Korea, and President Moon has been tasked with bringing that out of him. He carries a heavy burden going into this. How do you think he will prepare and what plan of action do you think he and his administration have planned?

5 - What do you think North Korea will try to get out of this meeting? What is their plan?

5a - What could Kim offer Moon as a sign of good faith?

6 - Military working-level talks also took place on Thursday, but they are said to have gone on till 3AM on Friday morning. Now when the South Korean ministry of defense was asked about it today, they were very reluctant about what was discussed and agreed. It looks like there is some issue there, do you think it is something perhaps that will be addressed next week as well?

7 - On Thursday the inter-Korean joint liaison office was officially launched, meaning now for the first time, the two Koreas have a 24-hour direct communication channel. How significant is this?

8 - The U.S. also announced on Thursday that they have slapped more sanctions on entities related to North Korea. Two companies in China and Russia have been sanctioned, along with one North Korean individual, related to cyber-crimes. Relations between North Korea and the U.S. seemed to have softening over the last couple of weeks, but Washington has now come out with this. What should be made of this action and does it not risk antagonizing Pyeongyang?

9 - Meanwhile, 38 North, the North Korea research website, released satellite footage showing that a temporary shelter that tests mobile nuclear missile launchers has been dismantled in recent weeks. Can this be taken as a sign from Pyeongyang that it is dismantling its nuclear program?

10 - One of the issues that is on the line is the formal declaration to end the Korean War. It's what North Korea has called for, but the U.S. is of course demanding denuclearization first. One of the question marks was, would China want to get involved? Well Xi Jinping on Thursday gave a slightly cryptic response, saying issues on the Korean peninsula are for the two Koreas and the U.S. to resolve, and he conspicuously left out China. Can we read anything into this?
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