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Heatwave alerts in the south, hotter condition tomorrow Updated: 2018-07-10 18:08:51 KST

Now we turn to our Michelle Park at the weather center for the latest updates. Michelle, Seoul wasn't too bad but I hear it was sweltering hot in some regions.

Daniel, it was breathable in the last couple of days, but starting today the country is back to the hot, scorching weather. In the south, they were even issued heatwave advisories.

In fact, tomorrow is going to be even hotter than today in some regions, including Seoul. More areas are expected to get heatwave alerts, so try to find ways to stay cool during the day.

The monsoon front that's moved up north is expected to temporarily affect the nation again. Tonight until tomorrow morning, the capital and some of Gangwon-do province can expect between 5 and 30 millimeters while more is expected further north. Speaking of rain, there will also be sporadic showers during the day tomorrow in the inland areas.

In the morning, we start the day in the twenties. Seoul at 24 degrees Celsius, and pretty much the same or a few degrees off in other parts.

In the afternoon, Seoul will mark 30 degrees, and it'll be even hotter in Gwangju and Daegu at 33 and 32 degrees.

Even until next week, the sky will remain cloudy with similar temperature readings.

I'll leave you with the weather conditions around the world.
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