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North Korea-U.S. Summit review: success or failure? Updated: 2018-06-13 14:22:34 KST

For the rest of this newscast, we'll take a look back and further review yesterday's summit, with the help of an expert, Dr. Kim Chang-su from the Korea Institute of Defense Analyses. Dr. Kim thank you for being here with us.

My pleasure.

1- Let's start with your assessment of Tuesday's events. It was a historic day, the first time ever the two leaders of North Korea and the U.S. met. How do you think it went?'

1a - Do you think they got along, or do you think it was more guarded?

2 - The result of the summit was the joint declaration of course. Opinion is divided, although it seems there is more a negative than positive assessment of it, especially in the U.S. What do you think are the concerns and do you think they are fair?

2a - How does it compare to previous agreements?

3 - The big question everyone had been talking about was what kind of denuclearization agreement would be reached. The White House itself had on several occasions said they would pursue CVID. But it was noticeably missing from the final agreement. Do think that not having it in writing is a mistake, or actually is not that important?

4 What was included was a clause to bring back the remains of U.S. prisoners of war or soldiers missing in action. What do you make of that inclusion?

5 - Trump revealed at his press conference that North Korea had promised to dismantle a nuclear missile engine test site, but that was not included in the declaration. What do we know about this test site, and how much impact would it have on their nuclear program?

6 - One of the most controversial points that also came out of that press conference is Trump revealing that he has promised to stop the joint military drills with South Korea. How important are they and does it affect the defense readiness and security of South Korea?

7 - Compared to the hype and anticipation in the run-up to this summit, many found the result underwhelming. That anticipation was especially built over the amount of meetings that occurred between the two sides. Working level-talks between Sung Kim and Choe Son-hui went on for several rounds, from Panmunjom all the way to Singapore. Those talks raised our expectations. Does this reveal how difficult it is to try to deal with North Korea?

7a - Was it important to reach some sort of deal, even if it was a bad deal for Trump?

8 - Trump has said this is just the beginning and that more meetings between the U.S. and North Korea will take place, including one which is expected to take place next week. How do difficult a process do you think this will be going forward? Does the hard work start now?

8a - There are some who would say that the success of the meeting comes from the fact that we are now in a much safer place than we were just six months ago. But is that a big enough win?

9 - North Korean state media have reported on the summit between Kim and Trump as well. What do you make of the tone of those reports?

9a - How do you think it will be received in North Korea?

10 - Some would say Trump achieved something by meeting the North Korean leader in the first place. But others argue that there is a reason why no U.S. President has done that, because it legitimizes an oppressive regime that should not be legitimized and betrays the people in North Korea who suffer terrible human rights abuses. Do both sides have a point?

10a - Is there an argument that says pressure hasn't worked in the past, so we need a new tactic, and that in the long-run better relations will help those people by exposing them more to the outside world and a more aspirational future.

11 - It's being said that one of big winners of this summit is Moon Jae-in. He was the one who brought the two sides together. How do you think Moon is feeling right now and what is next for him?

11a - Is there a part of him that would be disappointed with the agreement at all?

12 - The other big winner seems to be China. They want tensions on the Korean peninsula to lower so that sanctions can be lifted, and possibly even US military presence reduced in South Korea. Do you think Xi Jinping will be pleased?

12a -China has been pushing for a 'freeze-for-freeze' to lower tensions. The U.S. has traditionally pushed against it. But some have pointed out that this agreement looks a lot like a freeze-for-freeze. Do you agree?

13 - What about Japan and Russia? They have stakes in what happens on the Korean peninsula but at the moment they are bit-part players. How do you think they will view the summit results?

14 - At one point in the build up to the talks, there were rumours that the summit could be expanded into a trilateral summit including South Korea and that it could lead to an agreement formally ending the Korean War. Perhaps that was always going to be asking for too much, but Trump has said it is something he would like to pursue. Do you think Tuesday's events make that one step closer to happening?

Thank you for your time.

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