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Local researchers come up with new artery-cleansing medication made by tangerines Updated: 2018-04-08 08:44:45 KST

Local researchers have made use of Korean tangerines to come up with something
you wouldn't call delicious but something that could help with a major health condition.
It's a biomedical material that helps cleanse the arteries.
The researchers, from the Rural Development Administration, say the material is formed when a specific protein that pomotes vascularization is added into freshly squeezed tangerine juice.

It comes in different shapes for various medical purposes.
In liquid form, it can help treat diabetes and vascular diseases that narrow the blood vessels and restrict blood flow, which in the worst cases can cause fatal blood clots.

It also comes in a gel form that can be applied to the skin, which the team describes as a perfect biomedical patch that can replace plastic patches and bandages.
The team is planning further tests to come up with skin care products, ranging from scar-treating ointments to cosmetics and beauty products.

"The gel is made up of organic ingredients and has a stable and evenly patterned structure. That's one reason why the material has long-lasting skin nurturing effects."

Some experts call the recent development not only a breakthrough in the medical field but also a promising development for agriculture, because it would lead to more consumption of Korean tangerines and improvements in their quality.
Cho Sung-min, arirang news.
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