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Former president Lee Myung-bak questioned over graft allegations Updated: 2018-03-14 18:08:36 KST

Once again we start things off at the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office, where Lee Myung-bak is being questioned over a slew of corruption allegations.
The former president is expected to be there late into the night.
We connect to our Kim Hyesung standing by at the site.
Hyesung, do fill us in on the latest.
And perhaps a recap of how it came to this.

Former president Lee Myung-bak's interrogation is taking place on the 10th floor, room 10-oh-1, the same place former president Park Geun-hye underwent a marathon questioning about a year ago.
The entire questioning will be video-recorded.

Lee is accused of around 20 offenses, including bribery, embezzlement and abuse of power.
The first round of the interrogation started at around nine-50 a.m. and ran through 1 p.m.
The second round began at 2 p.m. which ran 'til seven, then a dinner break.
Prosecutors first asked Lee about auto parts company DAS, of which Lee is suspected of being the real owner.
Lee is represented by four lawyers in the room, including his former presidential legal assistant , Kang Hoon, and has reportedly denied all the allegations related to DAS, saying he did not intervene in management of the company or own slush funds.
In the next round of questioning, prosecutors are expected to interrogate him on suspicions that he accepted bribes worth around 10 million U.S. dollars.

And Hyesung, I understand the session is set to go on for many more hours.
What happens next?

Because Lee is a former president, prosecutors hope to wrap up their questioning today and not summon him again.
A senior prosecutor told journalists that Lee will be treated with dignity but that the probe will be conducted thoroughly and transparently.
The prosecutor said they've prepared around 120 pages of questions, which means the interrogation is likely to stretch late into the night.
The place is still swarming with journalists, showing the huge amount of attention the case is getting.
An ambulence and 119 responders are at the prosecutors' office in case of an emergency.
The interrogation itself could end around midnight, but most don't think Lee will be able to leave before tomorrow morning, after prosecutors take a look through their interrogation records through the night.

The prosecution is expected to decide whether to request an arrest warrant for the former president within this week.
Back to you, Daniel .
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