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Draft bill on constitutional reform finalized Updated: 2018-03-13 04:17:04 KST

The special advisory council on the Constitution under the Presidential Commission for Policy Planning has completed its final draft of a proposed amendment bill Monday.
At the core of the amendment is South Korea's government structure -- the introduction of a four-year, two-term presidency.
Currently, South Korean presidents serve a single, five-year term, and there have been debates that this limitation hurts chances of long-term policy continuity and leaves presidents as lame ducks before their terms run out.
Another revision is on the nation's capital, which is not stipulated in the current Constitution.
The council said it is looking to add the capital by legislating it through law instead of directly stipulating it in the Constitution.
Some other issues include decentralization of power. boosting regional autonomy so that municipalities can co-prosper with the capital area, as well as boosting people's basic rights such as rights to safety, healthcare and information.
The committee will report its finalized proposal to President Moon Jae-in on Tuesday.
The president had called on the National Assembly to speed up efforts to craft its own revision plan in time for a referendum to be held in tandem with the local elections in June.
But rival parties have failed to make much progress as they've been divided over the timing to hold the referendum as well as how to change the nation's governing structure.
The Blue House said Monday that the government's proposal can be scrapped even after it has been submitted, if the National Assembly comes up with its own proposal.
Kim Hyesung, Arirang News.
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