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Mass exodus on eve of Seollal holiday Updated: 2018-02-14 18:00:55 KST

Once again our starting point is traffic updates as tomorrow is the first day of Seollal, a major holiday here in the nation.
Koreans begin their journey towards, but mostly out of the capital to attend family gatherings in various parts of the country.
Our Park Hee-jun is out and about at the Seoul Tollgate.
How are things looking like right now.

Hello, Daniel.
There hasn't been much congestion near the major highways until this afternoon.
But since around 2 hours ago at 6 PM, cars have been struggling to make progress.
The holiday officially begins tomorrow, but seems like a lot of people wanted to have a headstart in their journey to hometowns.
You can probably see the early birds behind me leaving Seoul.

At this rate, drivers heading to the southern port city of Busan should expect to be behind the wheel some 6 hours and a half.
The same distance is covered usually in about 4 hours.

The number of accidents spike during this time, so it’s importat to drive with extra care, and take a rest if you feel drowsy.

It's an annual adventure one can never get used to.
Before we let you go Hee-jun do enlighten us about the conditions for the rest of the 4 day weekend.

Well, traffic is sure to be the most chaotic tomorrow morning on the first day of the holiday, and on the afternoon of the second day-- the actual day of Seollal.

During the holiday which runs from Thursday to Sunday, over 6.5 million people are expected to travel each day.
80 percent of them will be using the road, so bumper-to-bumper traffic is a given in the highways pretty much throughout the holiday.
According to the Korea Expressway Corporation, during the 4-days, it's going to be a 7 hours and 20 minutes grind from Seoul to Busan-- 40 minutes more than how long it took last year.
Plus, with the PyeongChang Winter Olympics continuing through Seollal, it’s going to be a long journey for those hitting the road to and from the host cities of Gangneung and PyeongChang.
Brace yourself for an average of 5 and a half hours behind the wheel-- and at times even as long as seven hours-- to get to Gangneung.
Overall, you will be spending more time driving than last year.
Like I said, it’s crucial to put safety first.
Be extra-careful, since your loved ones are onboard with you.
And that's all from me. Have a great holiday everyone and you too Daniel.
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