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'Adulkids' in Korea adopting adults' beauty practices Updated: 2018-01-12 18:00:27 KST

Young girls applying make-up, getting their nails done, and enjoying a foot spa.
These are the scenes that are becoming increasingly common in Korea.
Referred to as the ‘adulkids’ trend, young children are imitating adults by adopting their beauty and lifestyle practices.

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“The cosmetics sector best reflects this growing trend. Here, at a chain cosmetics store in Gangnam, there’s even a separate corner just for children’s make-up. From skincare products to color make-up products, the store offers a wide range of choices for younger customers.”

To suit children's tastes, some cosmetics products are designed to resemble popular characters.
And of course, they're made of ingredients that do not pose any harm to infants.

According to local e-commerce platform SK Planet, sales of children’s cosmetics on its website increased 29 percent on-year in 2017.
Lipstick sales shot up nearly 550 percent, nail polish 233 percent, and make-up boxes 101 percent.

"I like my daughter trying on make-up because it's nice to see her enjoying it and recognizing how beautiful she can be."

The 'adulkids' trend is on the rise partly due to parents wanting to share their experiences with their children.
This department store has allocated a whole floor for children and their parents to enjoy a variety of activities.
Not only is there a kids' playground, but there's also a spa corner where little children can get manicures and a foot spa.

"We prepared this floor to focus on the trend of families shopping not only to buy products, but to share experiences. We plan to expand areas like our cosmetics corner for these families."

While there are concerns that certain beauty products could be harmful to children, and that placing too much emphasis on appearance could negatively affect their cognitive development, the 'adulkids' trend will continue to expand at a rapid pace.
And this trend is likely to extend to fashion, lifestyle, and other categories.

Park Hee-jun, Arirang News.
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