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Young people 'home alone' during Chuseok holidays Updated: 2017-10-06 18:09:55 KST

‘Chuseok’, a holiday closely associated with family activities, is starting to become a holiday for people to spend time alone, especially for the younger generation.

According to a survey by ‘Alba Cheonguk,' a part-time employment website, .. over 60 percent of 1200 people in their 20’s said they will be spending the Chuseok holidays alone.
27 percent said they had to work, while 23 percent said they wanted to avoid being scolded by their parents.
17 percent said they planned on looking for a job.

“I have to work part-time for a few days. I’m spending the rest of the holidays at home, relaxing and studying to get a job.”

“I have so much stress from work. I plan to spend the Chuseok holidays traveling alone or possibly with my friends.”

“As such, more and more young people are spending Chuseok alone each year. High expectations from their families and from society are too much for some people to handle, and they just want to take a break.”

Although the Chuseok holiday is about family love and community spirit, the trend is inevitable due to the low youth employment rate, and the heavy workload that people have to face every day.

To target those who are spending the holidays alone,
convenience stores are offering various single-portion meals with menus that are common during Chuseok.
Major retailers are also displaying Chuseok gifts, such as liquor in small bottles and premium domestic beef sets, that are gift-wrapped for one person so they won't miss out on special holiday treats.
Movie theaters and food stores are also welcoming young people with options designed for one person.

Park Hee-jun, Arirang News.
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