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Incheon Airport already crowded before Chuseok holiday... 99,000 expected to fly today Updated: 2017-09-29 18:18:46 KST

Tomorrow marks the first day of a long public holiday for Korean Thanksgiving or 'Chuseok.'
Many Koreans are hitting the road, and also flocking to the airport to take advantage of the extended off days.
Our Lee Jeong-yeon has been witnessing the exodus at the nation's main gateway.
Jeong-yeon, how's it looking over there at this point?

Hi Daniel. Yes I've been at Incheon International Airport since this afternoon, and even though the official holiday starts tomorrow, as you can see, it is already flooded with people waiting to go on their long vacation. It's the busiest it's ever been in the airport's history.
Airport officials are saying around 99-thousand people are flying out just today. In total, almost 2-million people are estimated to travel abroad over the next 10 days.
This comes to around 177-thousand a day, a more than 10-percent increase compared to last year.
And tomorrow when the holiday officially begins, more than 100-thousand people will be traveling out of the airport.

I understand the airport has changed some procedures to provide greater convenience to travelers.
What can you tell us in that respect.

Yes Daniel I do. If you go on your phone and type in "Incheon Airport", you can check which gates are the most crowded. And it would also be better to take public transport to the airport because the parking lot can fill up quickly especially in the morning.
The airport is also opening up the departure gates at 6 a.m., 30 minutes earlier than normal, to accommodate the extra people taking early morning flights, up until next Tuesday. The first subway to the airport from Seoul Station will also start running 30 minutes earlier than usual at 4:50 a.m.
Also, there are 'fast track passes' for travelers such as pregnant women, toddlers, or those above the age of 70. So make sure you check these things before your trip.
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