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Korea's biggest shopping festival underway Updated: 2017-09-29 11:49:14 KST

The ‘2017 Korea Sale Festa,’ the first global shopping tourism festival in Korea, began on Thursday.
The local version of ‘Black Friday’, it offers clearance sales and promotions for products ranging from clothes and cosmetics to IT devices and cars.
Major department stores, supermarkets, and traditional markets have all joined to provide special opportunities for customers -- from home and abroad.

"A lot of shops here offer freebies, discounts, and much more for foreigners like us. There are lots of choices here to shop like bags as well.

The newest addition to this year’s Korea Sale Festa is the VR shopping mall, the first of its kind worldwide.
The government has invested 400-thousand US dollars on the VR mall, where customers can browse products and even purchase them.
It is being considered a unique shopping experience that can make customers’ lives easier.

“I felt dizzy at first, but I think it’s good for people who work all day. They can look at the products and even purchase them through VR.”

The Korea Sale Festa is the country’s largest shopping festival. It's supported by the government, which hopes the event will boost the sluggish economy, but there are concerns about whether it will actually be effective.”

There are concerns that a sharp drop in the number of Chinese tourists, due to a diplomatic spat between Beijing and Seoul over the deployment of THAAD,
and the long Chuseok holiday beginning right away with around 2 million Koreans traveling abroad, could lead to a sharp fall in sales compared to last year.
But the government has been taking measures of its own to make sure it doesn't.

"Such factors are not expected to affect sales to a large degree,but we have been targeting other countries other than China, places from which an increasing number of people have been visiting Korea, such as Vietnam and Indonesia."

The Korea Sale Festa runs until October 31st, and on the sidelines, various culture festivals are to be held across the country.
Park Hee-jun, Arirang News.
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