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The Rise of Drones Updated: 2017-09-18 11:50:07 KST

People have gathered in a wide sports field.
Using their hands, they move objects in the sky
The objects are drones.
We met with young people looking to take over drones, a field which is receiving world-wide attention.
The methods and range of drone use are very diverse.
DHL in Germany delivered food and drugs to islands made inaccessible by inclement weather.
Domino Pizza in the U.K. successfully delivered pizzas.
With more and more businesses using drones, the global drone market is expected to grow to 11.5 billion dollars by 2023.
Currently in Korea, no certification is needed for small drones used for recreation or business.
However, controlling 12 to 150kg industrial drones requires a light unmanned multi-copter pilot’s license.
Applicants over 14 years old can take the test after 20 hours of aircraft operation theory lessons and 20 hours of practice.

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"Test applicants must first be issued flight experience certificates for 20 hours of flight at an education center.
They enter our center for about 10 days and receive education from 9 am to 4 pm. "
With drone-related jobs being highly anticipated for the future, many are attempting to receive certified licenses.
15-year old Eun-seong is one such person.

“Craft switch on.”

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"I first experienced drones at school. I found it really interesting, and I would be the youngest license holder if I were to pass.
I came to be the youngest to pass the certification and to prepare for my future. "

Summer vacation has been spent at this dorm, learning about drone production and operation to prepare for the license exam in October.


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"I worried a lot that I might break a drone at first, because they’re expensive and I was inexperienced.
But now I know how to operate them, so rather than being scared I want to learn higher level skills. "

Meanwhile, drone licenses are even more urgently required for people in their 20s and 30s looking to find new jobs.

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"After being discharged from full-time military service I thought about my career path.
I acquired a license with the desire to study drones more.
After getting the license, I am taking an instructors’ course here to teach more people based on my military experience. "

Lee Young-gyu is learning not only how to launch and land a drone, but also how to inspect the craft.
Lee is a firefighter.
Drones are being used by fire departments around the world.
They are used to suppress fires in narrow alleys where firetrucks cannot reach.
They are also deployed to accurately determine where rescue is needed, securing a wider ‘golden time’ window.

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"With implementation in the future drones will be developed for victim rescue or fire fighting.
After that will come industrial drones.
Licenses will be mandatory, and they will be used in the field. "

Interest in drones appears unaffected by age.

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"I am a retired public servant. By controlling unmanned aircraft as if in reality through simulation training, I came here to find a hobby
and receive aid. "

Choi Gi-myeong is 75 years old, but he uses drones extensively in his work.

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"I have worked as a documentary producer until now.
I’ve done aerial shots using small drones, but I couldn’t obtain high-quality video footage.
I came here to secure better footage after receiving a drone license. "

According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the number of drone license holders in Korea rose from 872 in 2015 to 1,351 last year.
The figure is expected to surpass 2,000 this year.
These license holders are expected to be active in many industries, including construction management, facilities inspection and smart unmanned farming.

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"Common current uses are disaster prevention and filming, but in the future development will also proceed in quarantines or farming on a government level.
In 1 or 2 years there will be many new jobs and development in the drone industry. "

From teenagers to those in their 70s
Many are preparing for a brighter future, regardless of their age.
Drones provide them with endless possibilities and confidence for the future.
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