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UN Security Council unanimously adopts toughest sanctions on N. Korea Updated: 2017-09-12 20:08:06 KST

All 15 members of the UN Security Council spoke with one voice on Monday, signing off on a new-- tougher-- package of sanctions on North Korea.
Resolution 23-75 authorizes an annual sales cap of two-million barrels a year of refined petroleum products to North Korea, a move expected to sever 55 percent of the regime's supply.
It also freezes the amount of crude oil Pyongyang can import at four-million barrels a year.
No more joint ventures with North Korea will be allowed, and existing projects will be wound down within 120 days.
All textile exports will be stopped and countries will be prohibited from authorizing new work permits for North Korean workers, sealing off a major source of hard currency for the regime.
However, there's no complete ban on oil imports and no freeze on the international assets held by leader Kim Jong-un and other senior figures within the leadership.
The Trump administration had those in the initial stage of the draft resolution - but had to water it down to appease the regime's closest allies, China and Russia.
Still, it is the toughest UN resolution to date, and the international community is hoping to see results this time, unlike previous resolutions that failed to rein in the North's nuclear and missile programs.

"Today the Security Council has acted in a different way We are done trying to prod the regime to do the right thing. We are now acting to stop it from having the ability to continue doing the wrong thing."

Sending a strong message just nine days after the regime conducted its most powerful nuclear test to date, the U.S. Ambassador to the UN said the steps would only work if all nations implement them "completely and aggressively."
However, questions remain as to whether this latest resolution, already the ninth of its kind on the regime, will be enough to force North Korea back to the table for talks, the objective of the resolution in the first place.
Lee Ji-won, Arirang News.
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