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Number of stray animals spikes in summer...260 a day rescued this year Updated: 2017-08-18 14:28:25 KST

Hundreds of animals are taking shelter at this animal protection center in Cheongju.
This little kitten is a new-comer to the shelter. Just one day old, it was found in the streets without a mother.
This shih tzu was thrown in the streets after being abused by her owner and losing sight in one eye.
These animals are not here by choice.

Last year, the number of rescued dogs in Korea nearly doubled around summer time as owners abandoned their pets during their holidays. And this year is not much different.

"In the first half of this year alone, more than 55-thousand pets were rescued in the country. That comes to about 260 animals a day. "

"We have so many right now that I'm even keeping some in my house. In order to fix this problem, factories that breed animals have to shut down. I really hope the government can do something about it."

The Animal Protection Act has been revised this year, to include stricter fines for throwing away animals, setting up additional animal-protection institutions, and also creating a reward system for people that report animal-related illegal activities.

The caregivers at the shelter hope that more people start adopting animals instead of buying pets.

"We thought adopting a dog would be better since they are in need of a warm family. I think there would be less stray animals if people can really think of them as a family member."

According to animal protection organizations and experts, in order to decrease the number of stray animals, two things must happen:
not only does the government have to do more to protect the animals, but there also needs to be a change in the public's mindset… so more of these animals can find a loving family to belong to.
Lee Jeong-yeon, Arirang News, Cheongju.
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