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Constitutional revision reaffirmed during President Moon, party floor leaders luncheon Updated: 2017-05-20 09:13:34 KST

In the beautiful reception building of Sangchunjae, part of South Korea's presidential Blue House compound, President Moon Jae-in greeted the new floor leaders of the nation's five largest political parties for a luncheon.
Quite unusual for a South Korean president as the invite comes just ten days into the newly-elected leader's term.

"As promised by each of the five parties during the presidential election, I believe our politics should now focus on the Korean people, on giving hope to the people. In order to do that, the presidential office and the ruling and opposition parties must communicate more and cooperate more."
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Over Korea's traditional dish Bibimbap which signifies harmony and unity according to Blue House officials the nation's leader, his key aides and the leaders of South Korea's political circle discussed various issues; among them, revision of the Constitution.

"The President reaffirmed his campaign pledge to revise the Constitution. He proposed that it would be most ideal to fully take into account public opinion in the revision process and that a reform of the electoral system should also be reviewed."

One of President Moon's key campaign pledges was to a complete revision of the Constitution - namely, changing the current single five-year term presidency into four-year terms with the possibility for re-election limited to two terms. That by June next year.
Proponents of the reform have argued the this would help ensure the implementation of policies with long-term goals.

During the two hour long lunch session, the president continued his efforts to win bipartisan support by vowing more communication with the political parties.

"All five floor leaders agreed with the President's offer to institutionalize a permanent policy consultative body between the Moon Jae-in administration and the ruling and main opposition parties."

"Such early invite of the nation's political party floor leaders by the president shows just how crucial it is for the Moon Jae-in administration to win bipartisan support from the opposition-led parliament.
The first test will come later this month when the parliament opens a hearing to confirm President Moon's Prime Minister Nominee, Lee Nak-yeon.
Moon Connyoung, Arirang News."
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