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Pres. Moon attended 37th 5.18 pro-democracy movement ceremony Updated: 2017-05-18 11:56:53 KST

37 years ago today, in Gwangju, South Korea, citizens joined a pro-democracy movement against the authoritarian government of the time, and hundreds of them died in the ensuing crackdown.
An annual commemoration of their sacrifices was held today in Gwangju, with President Moon in attendance.
For more on the latest, we go to our Shin Se-min, who was there.
Se-min tell us what President Moon had to say on this important anniversary.

It was an emotionally charged ceremony for the thousands of people here.
Let me run through some of the major points President Moon touched upon during his commemorative speech.
He offered his condolences to those who died on this historic day 37 years ago, and said he will not tolerate attempts to distort the truth of what happened on this day.
He said that his new administration will investigate and get to the bottom of some unsolved, unanswered matters regarding the pro-democracy movement.
And get this, President Moon also promised to make sure that the spirit of the democracy movement is written into the constitution, something he also promised during his campaign.
Listen to this.

"The May 18th Democracy Movement will be remembered as a proud moment and as a lesson in the history of the Korean people. I respectfully ask for the consent of the people and the cooperation of parliament to enshrine the spirit this movement in our Constitution.
(5.18 . 5.18 .)

He closed his address by saying that he will work to restore democracy by preserving both the spirits of the movement of past decades and of the candlelight vigils held this past winter.

And Devin, you've witnessed it yourself,… it was by far the largest ceremony ever held in rememberance of the Democracy Movement,… as it was open to public with anyone with a valid ID,… a stark contrast to previous ceremonies open only open to invited officials.
It was also marked by the singing of a song called "March for the Beloved," for the first time at the ceremony in nine years.
It's a song that's significant and very meaningful to those who took part in the democracy movement,… and was made official part of the annual ceremony today.
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