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Candlelight vigil focuses on ferry disaster as 1,000th day anniversary approaches Updated: 2017-01-07 14:29:11 KST

Our starting point this evening is the peaceful protest taking place in Seoul to call for President Park Geun-hye to be ousted from office for her role in the sprawling power abuse scandal that continues to grip Korea.
Let's cross straight over to our Connie Kim who joins us live from the venue of the protest in downtown Seoul.
Connie, these protests have been taking place every weekend for around three months now, but the public's enthusiasm remains undimmed.

Mark, it's the first Saturday of 2017, and tens of thousands of citizens have gathered again at Seoul's central Gwanghwamun Plaza, now an iconic symbol of peaceful demonstration.
This is the eleventh consecutive weekend candlelight vigils have been held and the people's demands are simple: that President Park's impeachment be swiftly upheld by the Constitutional Court. or for her to step down herself to take responsibility for the massive political and corruption scandal.
This weekend's vigil is drawing even more attention as there's extra focus on the 2014 Sewol-ho ferry disaster as this coming Tuesday will mark the 1000th day since the ferry sank in waters off southwestern Korea, claiming more than 300 lives, including many high school students.
One of the key areas of concern for many people is President Park's so-called "missing seven hours" in the immediate aftermath of the sinking.
Investigators are still trying to get to the bottom of her whereabouts and activity during that crucial time.
About a half an hour ago, the surviving students came onto the stage to share how their lives had changed since that awful day.
Although the students did not want to speak on camera, I was able to talk to the father of one the students that survived.

"The surviving students did not believe the truth about the ferry sinking would be revealed. But with the Constitutional Court requesting what the president did in those seven hours after the sinking, the students now believe their long-time wish is going to come true and they decided to speak up today in front of the public."
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The people who have come out today shared similar thoughts,.. saying they want to be part of bringing change.

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"I came out to protest in the hope of witnessing a change to our history and to change the shape of Korean society.

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"I wasn't able to participate in the vigil last year, but I wanted to come out today as this is the first protest of the new year. Most of all, I thought I had to join the public as we prepare to mark the 1000th day of the Sewol-ho ferry sinking.
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After the commemorative event ends in about an hour's time, the people will continue their march to near the Presidential office of Cheong Wa Dae and the Constitutional Court.
Protests have also been taking place in other cities, including the southeastern port city of Busan and President Park's hometown of Daegu.
Pro-President Park groups have been holding their own protests in southern Seoul where the office of the independent counsel is located, demanding that the president not be impeached.
The coming week is expected to be critical point as the key aides of President Park will be questioned at the Constitutional Court.
They could potentially provide key information that could sway the judges in favor of upholding parliament's impeachment motion.
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