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Suu Kyi's Confidant Htin Kyaw Elected As Next President Updated: 2016-03-15 22:33:26 KST

Myanmar embarks on a new democratic era as Htin Kyaw from the National League for Democracy claims victory on Tuesday… earning 360 parliament votes out of 652 ending the forty-year-old military government.
Htin Kyaw is known to be one of Aung San Suu Kyi's closest confidants. Suu Kyi, widely known as "Myanmar's Lady" has been the global symbol of democracy… fighting against the military junta for decades. Since November, the NLD party, led by Suu Kyi herself, have claimed the majority seats in congress.
Despite the locals' strong support, the constitution set by the military party specifically targeting Suu Kyi prevented "the Lady" to become "Madame President".
Enters Htin Kyaw… Suu Kyi recommends her former driver and secretary as a Presidential candidate of the party, ultimately leading to his victory.

"Although Suu Kyi cannot become a president, Htin Kyaw is her close aide, we can trust him. That's why I'm satisfied about this."

However, concerns are rising from the global audience as Suu Kyi might have too much influence over Htin Kyaw. Even Suu Kyi stated herself that she would be "above the president"

"Without a doubt the constitution is far from being democratic. But this is the first time a democratic government is introduced. I'm concerned that Suu kyi is trying to cheat the system, which will set an unhealthy precedent for the future."

As of now the nation is celebrating the official end to the military government. The president-elect will take office on the first of April.

Lee Unshin, Arirang News.
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