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Rival parties at odds over history textbook Updated: 2015-10-12 22:27:25 KST

Korea's rival parties are again entering a parliamentary deadlock, over a number of pressing issues.
One is the government's decision on Monday, to publish a single, government-authorized history textbook, scrapping the current system which allows several government authorized textbooks to be published.
The ruling Saenuri Party supported the government's move to adopt the single textbook, saying the current textbooks contain many errors and distorted views.

"Many textbooks describe South Korea as a country where opportunism has thrived, and justice disappeared, giving the future generation a negative and defeatist mentality. Some books even beautify North Korea, while negatively talking about South Korea's businessmen who contributed to the nation's economic prosperity."

Opposition blocs are attacking the government, claiming it aims to force a history perspective that favors the ruling party on younger generations.

"The government's decision has made it clear that the administration will force a history perspective that beautifies pro-Japanese activities (during Japan's colonial rule), and dictatorship. The administration has given the people's tears the cold shoulder and just focus on distorting the truth, and rolling back the wheel of history."

With both camps looking at the matter beyond the 'textbook' issue, their ideological confrontation ensures the standoff will continue, at least for the moment.
Another issue is the ruling party's labor reform initiatives.
The ruling Saenuri Party is pushing to revise five labor-related laws, ostensibly to achieve a more flexible labor market, one of key reforms the Park Geun-hye administration has vowed to achieve.
But the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy opposes the reforms.
Instead they are pushing for changes to the ways in which businesses manage themselves and hire employees.
With next year's general election some six months away, analysts say however, that standoffs between rival parties will likely be heightened, as they try to divert internal conflicts over candidate selection rules to external matters.
Park Ji-won, Arirang News.
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