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China celebrates WWII victory, President Park attends military parade Updated: 2015-09-03 09:46:34 KST

China is commemorating the 70th anniversary of victory over Japan in World War Two, with its grand victory celebrations being watched all around the globe.
President Park Geun-hye, along with dozens of world leaders have joined Chinese President Xi Jinping for the ceremony, the highlight of which being the massive military parade through Beijing's Tiananmen Square.
For details, we connect to our Choi You-sun , who's traveling with President Park on her China trip.

Under a clear blue sky here in Beijing, tens of thousands of people have gathered to celebrate the end of World War Two 70 years ago.
Proceedings started about an hour ago at 10 a.m., Beijing time, with the playing of the Chinese anthem, hoisting of the flag, and President Xi Jinping's speech.
In his address, President Xi paid tribute to the Chinese people who fought and defeated Japan's aggressions in the War.
He also vowed to cut 300-thousand military personnel.
Looking over Tiananmen Square, President Park is two seats from President Xi on his right side, next to Russian President Vladimir Putin.
On her right is the Kazakh president.
Former Chinese leaders, including presidents Zhang Zemin, Hu Jintao, and former premier Wen Jiabao, are also there.
The centerpiece of today's ceremonies is the military parade, a showcase of China's 12-thousand troops, 2-hundred aircraft, as well as tanks and missiles.
Chinese state media reported that some 80 percent of the machinery are being unveiled for the first time.
Considering the parade as both anti-Japanese and Beijing's way of flaunting its military prowess amid growing tensions in the region, U.S. President Barack Obama and most Western leaders have decided not to attend.
President Park's decision to attend, therefore, received a lot of media attention as Seoul's way of trying to take the lead in diplomacy in the region, and balancing its relations with key ally Washington and major regional partner Beijing.
Neither Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe nor North Korean leader Kim Jong-un are present.
From the North, ruling party secretary Choe Ryong-hae, is attending the events.

You-sun, tell us a bit more about today's Victory Day.

China calls the end of World War Two anniversary, the "70th Anniversary of the Victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War."
One day after Japan surrendered in the War in 1945, China designated September 3rd as Victory over Japan Day, and has been publicly celebrating the occasion every five to 10 years.
Last year, China officially declared the day as Victory Day, and it's the first time inviting world leaders for the celebrations.
After the parade, President Park will join other VIP guests at a luncheon at the Great Hall of the People hosted by President Xi.
The Chinese leader, who has expressed his gratitude of President Park's attendance by holding a separate summit and luncheon yesterday, is reported to have ordered his officials in charge of protocol to pay an extra attention to President Park.
President Park is scheduled to travel to Shanghai later today, to attend a ceremony to mark the re-opening of headquarters that belonged to Korea's provisional government during Japan's colonial rule.
Before returning home Friday evening, she will meet with Korean residents in Shanghai, as well as business leaders from Korea and China.
This was Choi You-sun reporting on President Park's attendance at China's war victory ceremonies.
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