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Bright day tomorrow with cold, strong wind Updated: 2015-03-04 16:49:12 KST

With the sunny skies today, I thought it would be warm, instead it was freezing cold with the wind blowing.

That's right, and there was even a mountain fire reported today in Gangwon-do province and it was hard to put out because of the strong wind. For details on the weather, let's turn to our Michelle Park at the weather center. Michelle?

Good evening, guys. Currently we have clear skies nationwide with the air quality at normal. However, there is cold air moving in from the north that's causing this strong cold wind to blow.

As you can see, where it's purple there are even places where the wind is blowing at 10 meters per second, which is considered to be very windy. Meanwhile, Seoul and the surrounding regions are experiencing winds that are twice as strong as usual. So watch out for any fires, manage all facilities and bundle up.

Looking at the rest of the week, this cold spell is expected to ease as of Friday afternoon and the weather will continue to get mild throughout the weekend under mostly clear sunny skies.

Let's take a look at the readings for tomorrow,
Seoul starts off Thursday morning at [-4] and gets up to [6].
Daegu and Busan will top both at [8] degrees.

Moving over to other regions
Jeju Island gets up to [6], Dokdo hits [2], while Mount Kumgang dips to [-5] degrees.

That's all the weather for now. Have a wonderful evening.
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