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Global energy transformation from fossil fuels to renewable energy Updated: 2019-10-23 22:17:32 KST

IRENA is trying to redirect its work to be more focused on subregional regional level, because we think that interconnection and collaboration are essential to promote the rapid deployment over renewables. The climate investing platform will be an instrument that it will provide for all stakeholders and our membership to facilitate the flow of money to renewable projects with two streams of work. One take profit of the analytical work of IRENA. Put these ideas on the table and making all the stake holders, bank, private companies, pension funds see where there is an interest on this idea. IRENA will be there to support and facilitate the work of our membership in the dialogue with all the stakeholders. The other stream of work will be trying to understand from the involvement of the private - what you really need for investing in particular countries. So what changes in the legal environment is necessary to the risk, the investment and make the money come.

All right. So we'll definitely keep our eyes on how IRENA and the global society achieve successful energy transformation to a renewable energy system. Thank you for your insights, Mr. La Camera. It was great having you on our program.

Thank you. It has been really a pleasure to have this dialogue with you.
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