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No Date Title
2017-11-07 2017 Arirang Radio Survey in Jeju

2017 Arirang Radio Survey in Jeju

We are conducting a survey during the month of November throughout Jejudo Island to determine the audience ratings and satisfaction level for Arirang Jeju FM.

We want your input on how you tune into Arirang Radio; what kind of device you use to tune in; your favorite programs; your feedback on our programs; and how satisfied you are with Arirang Jeju FM.

The survey will be administered as a one-on-one interview, and Korean and foreign residents of Jejudo Island, aged 15 and older, can participate. If you’re a foreigner, you must have lived on the island for at least one month!

(We plan on reflecting your valuable input to produce more quality programs and content, as a leading radio station of Korea. So)

No Title Date Hit
298 Winners’ List of Arirang Radio’s Online Survey 2018-01-08 834
297 [채용공고] 2018년도 보도기자 공개 채용 2018-01-03 1768
296 The FEC Rate of satellite BADR4 will be changed from January 31st 2018 2017-12-28 1559
295 [Winners] ArirangTV & RADIO INNOVATION IDEA CONTEST 2017-12-21 1430
294 부패신고자 보호지침 가이드라인 2017-12-20 1076
293 빈틈없는 신고자 보호 [공익신고자 보호법]이 더욱 촘촘해졌습니다. 2017-12-12 1504
292 2017년 청렴도 측정 결과 공개 2017-12-08 2351
291 2017 Overseas TV Audience Survey Winners 2017-11-29 2214
290 ArirangTV & RADIO INNOVATION IDEA CONTEST 2017-11-29 2072
289 2017 Arirang Radio’s Online Survey 2017-11-29 1761
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