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2020-10-13 Announcement for the Recruitment of Online Audiences

Announcement for the Recruitment of Online Audiences

Arirang Radio 17th Anniversary Online Open Studio!
October 24th Saturday From 6 to 8PM!
We invite you as the special online audience.

DJ Sam Carter and Ashley will be hosting the special show!
We have some awesome guests waiting for you, from the groups that make us happy just by looking at them: MOONBIN & SANHA (ASTRO) and Weeekly, to the singers who will heal us with their music: KIM JUN SU(XIA) and Dynamicduo!

If you would like to support and cheer for the guests on the live show as the online audience!
Please apply in advance by sending in your name, contact information, and some messages to

How to Apply

1. Name
2. Contact information, E-mail address
3. Messages you will share with the DJs and the guests at the Open Studio.

* Topics for your messages

[Mandatory] 1) When was the time you were happy to be with someone else ‘together’ rather than being alone?
(It would be better if you can also include pictures of who you were with.
-> Please note that the pictures you send in can be shown during the live show :)

[Mandatory] 2) Tell us what moment was the most memorable to you while you were listening to Arirang Radio during the last 17 years.
(ex: Memories with the K-POP star you got to know through Arirang Radio, how you got to tune into Arirang Radio for the first time, when you felt comforted by Arirang Radio, etc.)

3) Anything you want to say to the guests
(Tell us if you have any songs you wish the guests would sing for you)

4) Tell us your wishes! On October 24th, Dynamic Duo and KIM JUN SU will be granting your wish. Feel free to send them in!

5) Three reasons why you enjoy listening to Arirang Radio

6) Your favorite program


October 7th (WED) ~ October 14th (WED)

Date of Announcement

We will announce who got chosen to participate as the special audience on October 19th (MON)

※ Things to note for the special audience application & participation

  • Your faces could be shown as the special audience during the live show.
  • We are planning to do a test run to check the connection in advance on October 21st (WED), October 22nd (THU).
    Only those of you who can participate in this test run will be able to join on the live show day.
    (We will deliver further instructions and specific time later after we announce who got chosen to be the special audience.)
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