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288 2017-09-28 Practice regulation of the personal information proctection

Practice regulation of the personal information proctection

First day of every month is the personal information protection day.
Through the following practice regulations of the personal information proctection, please protect your privacy.

  • 1.Set password periodically, to prevent other people easily infer it.
  • 2.Update the programs of PC and mobile devices to the latest version.
  • 3.Frequently,execute virus inspection through the vaccine programs in your PC and mobile devices.
  • 4.Do not download any suspicious files or applications.
  • 5.Do not use a unsecure wireless network.
  • 6.Don't do financial transactions with public PCs and surely log out the logged in sites.
  • 7.Do not store important informations on your PC or smartphone, such as copy of identification,bank security card, etc.
  • 8.When you discard or chnage your PC/mobile devices, surely format so that it does not remain.
  • 9.When using SNS(Social Network Service), set the privacy bounds in to private or only friends.
  • 10.I Know that collect and use of resident registration numbers on the internet is prohibited.
No Title Date Hit
330 2018년 하반기 뉴스/보도 프로그램 분장 및 코디 용역 2018-04-25 123
329 구매계약 관재(육아휴직대체) 서류합격자 발표 및 종합면접 안내 2018-04-24 196
328 해외채널마케터 - 러시아등 CIS지역채널배급담당 실무면접 합격자 발표 및 종합면접 안내 2018-04-23 311
327 시사보도제작 총괄 및 대외협력담당 부문별 최종 합격자 발표 및 임용 안내 2018-04-20 414
326 [채용공고] 보도기자직 2차 전형 합격을 축하드립니다. 2018-04-19 720
325 2018년 관광기금사업 상반기 외주프로그램 공모-2 우선협상대상자 공지 2018-04-18 416
324 [러시아 등 CIS지역 채널배급담당] 필기합격자 발표 및 인성검사/실무면접 실시 안내 2018-04-17 567
323 [해외채널마케터] 필기합격자 발표 및 인성검사/실무면접 실시 안내 2018-04-17 595
322 [채용공고] 구매계약/관재 육아휴직대체인력 채용 2018-04-13 648
321 2018년 관광기금 상반기 외주프로그램 제작업체 공모-2 2차(PT) 기술심사 대상자 공지 2018-04-09 697
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