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Please refer to the information below before you post your questions in the Help Desk section.
Arirang TV faq board
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1 FAQs On Tours 19011

1. Is it possible for an individual or a small group to tour the facilities of Arirang TV/Radio?
A group tour requires a minimum number of 10 to 20 people and if you, by yourself, or a small group of less than 5 people would like a tour of our facilities, you may join a group that is scheduled for a tour or you may send inquiries to If your group has taken on additional members after scheduling a tour, please call this number, 02-3475-5107, or send us an email one day in advance to make adjustments on your reservation such as the number of visitors or the schedule.


2. Is there an English guide service available on tours?
Yes. It can be arranged.


3. Is there an entrance fee? Do I need to prepare something for the tour?
The tours are free of charge and visitors have nothing to prepare.


4. When are tours available?
We schedule only one group a day at 10:30 AM or 2:00 PM.
The tour takes about one hour.
The tour is subject to change because you will be touring actual places of work, so we ask for your kind understanding.


5. Will we be able to meet producers or anchorpersons?
You may not interview a certain individual on the tour of the facilities.


6. When do I need to make the reservation for the tour?
You must make the reservation at least 2 weeks prior.
However, in months of May, June, July, August, October, November and December, when the tours are highly in demand, we ask that you make reservations at least a month before.


7. I would like to observe a live radio broadcast. Do I need to make a reservation for that as well?
Please direct your inquiries for a reservation to the Arirang Radio Team through the Arirang Help Desk.


1 FAQs On Tours 19011