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Please refer to the information below before you post your questions in the Help Desk section.
Arirang TV faq board
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2 The On-Air and MARU services are not working properly. 121286

1. Please install 'Flash Player' first, to use Arirang On-Air and VOD service.

The On-air and VOD (Video on Demand) service are not working properly.
First, check your computer settings to ensure both the Flash Player and the sound card in your computer are functioning properly. Please verify proper function by checking the below reference.

  2. Steps to ensure proper settings for security level
ex) Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Security
    ① Change the security level for the selected zone to Medium, Medium-low, or Low, move the slider.
    ② Add trusted Web site “http://*” to the Trusted sites and Restricted sites security zones.
    ③ Click on the Custom Level > Make the following changes
- Download signed ActiveX controls -> Prompt
- Download unsigned ActiveX controls -> Disable
    ④ Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe -> Disable
Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins -> Prompt
Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting -> Prompt
-> Click on OK -> Click on Yes when asked “Are you sure you want to change the security settings for this zone? -> Click OK
3. Besides, it could be temporary error caused by network speed or lack of memory space.
(Please check again after rebooting the computer.)
    ※ Go to number 4, if the above instructions are not being helpful.
4. Make a request : Help Desk > Online Service Inquires > Online Services Related
    Please check the following reference
  Problems with the VOD service
    ① Check if both On-Air and VOD service are working properly.
    ② Check if VOD services for specific programs are not working.
    ③ Check if the VOD service has become unavailable since specific dates.
    ④ Check if the both low and high definitions are working fine.
  Problems with the screen
    ① Sound can be heard, but the picture can not be viewed.
    ② Buffering continues without playback.
    ③ Video pauses sporadically during playback.
    ④ No video images appear at all.
  User Environment
    ① Windows (Ex. - 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP), Mac, Linux etc.
    ② Browser or version of Windows (Windows Explorer 8.0, Chrome, Firefox etc.)
    ③ Internet connection (Ex. - Modem, DSL, Cable, local network, etc)
    ④ Existence of Firewall
    → Make your request our “Help Desk” section with the detailed user environment listed above. Our staff will reply to your questions in a timely manner.
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2 The On-Air and MARU services are not working properly. 121286
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