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Please refer to the information below before you post your questions in the Help Desk section.
Arirang TV faq board
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6 How can I receive Arirang TV? 120944

If you live in Korea and wish to receive Arirang TV, leave a message at our “Help Desk”; from the category list, click [Broadcasting Programming]>[Domestic TV Reception]. If you live overseas, leave a message at our “Help Desk” by clicking on [Broadcasting Programming]>[Overseas TV Reception] from the category list.

If you want to install a satellite receiver, please click on the following link:

1 I wish to share my comments with Arirang’s staff. 35952
2 Is online broadcasting free of charge? 47623
3 Can I obtain information about programs that have ceased production? 35972
4 I wish to learn about the cast and other detailed information concerning certain programs. 50664
5 The On-air and VOD (Video on Demand) service are not working properly. 149015
6 How can I receive Arirang TV? 120944