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Organization. Phone Number
Department Job Tel Help
Auditor Audits spending and contracts; responds to government audits 5130 Send Email
Strategy & Policy Planning Establishment of strategy and business policy; Government relation 5324 Send Email
Budget Management Budget acquisition and control 5020 Send Email
Content Marketing PM 5374 Send Email
TV Programming Operates TV programming; purchases
programs; outsources program production;
manages resources; TV program production; CG room management
5080 Send Email
New Media Public Relations & CR
New Media Service
Website management
Customer satisfaction management
5155 Send Email
TV Program Production Produces programs 5124 Send Email
News Center Produces daily news and current affairs programs 5132 Send Email
Radio Programming & Production Team Radio program and production 5410 Send Email
Broadcasting Infrastructure Transmission of on-air signal. Setup of new technology and infra facilities, Maintenance of broadcasting system and control rooms 5201 Send Email
Production Technology provides technical support for program production by editing, dubbing, and broadcasting; leases out production facilities 5331 Send Email
Global Network Channel marketing(distributes) overseas
Satellite leases & contract,
Global Broadcasting Market Analysis,
Broadcast agreement
5350 Send Email
Media Business Media Business : Advertisement and sponsorship; production of commercials and public relations programs, contents business 5117 Send Email
Management Service Human Resource, Legal Affairs, Services, Facility Management, Computational Task 5045 Send Email
Finance & Accounting Finance, purchase and bid management 5054 Send Email