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글로벌 방송 네트워크를 활용한 전 세계로의 홍보!
국내는 물론 전 세계 106개국에서 12,369만 가구 시청자들이 아리랑TV를 시청하고 있습니다.
아리랑국제방송이 차별화된 광고 전략을 수립해 최상의 광고서비스를 제공해 드립니다.


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TV Advertisement / Program Sponsorship

Through Arirang TV's global network system that broadcasts to 105 countries and over 123.69 million households, we can provide overseas promotional services that can build and improve a company's global image by utilizing strategies, such as TV advertisements, campaigns and program sponsorships, that meet the needs of advertisers aiming for overseas promotion.

TV Advertisement / Program Sponsorship Process

  • Advertiser
    Government/Local Governments

    Public Institutions

    Public Corporations

    General Companies
  • Purpose


    Investment Attraction

    Global Events

  • Means
    Arirang TV
    Global Network



    Program Sponsorship
  • Targets
    Foreigners in Korea

    Foreigners abroad

    Overseas Koreans
TV Advertisement / Program Sponsorship Contact TV
Division Name Tel Email
이의호(Lee Ui-ho) 02-3475-5071
박희승(Park Hee-seung) 02-3475-5375
강문승(Alec-Kang) 02-3475-5062
김혜건(Kim Hye-geon) 02-3475-5079
남궁정(Nam Koong, Jung) 02-3475-5072